Mission Brief: July 2017

Tue Jul 25 14:00:00 EDT 2017
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Every day, Global Rescue personnel are involved in medical, security, and travel operations all over the globe. Here is a snapshot of some of our recent activity.

                                  - MEDICAL -

NIGERIA – Performed a medical evacuation from Nigeria to a Lebanon medical facility for an employee of a corporate partner who was severely injured in a car crash.

CALIFORNIA – Arranged a medical evacuation for an employee of a partner organization who suffered head and neck injuries in a fall while hiking.

CANADA – Medically evacuated a member suffering from serious internal injuries after a motorcycle accident in British Columbia.

NAMIBIA – Advised a member whose wife suffered temporary loss of consciousness and required a procedure for gastrointestinal issues, and helped identify options for a flight home to the United States.

BAHAMAS – Provided advisory services to a student who experienced severe irritation in one of his eyes and forwarded treatment recommendations to his school.

ZIMBABWE – Deployed paramedics to a member who became unresponsive after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, and evacuated him to the United States.

ARGENTINA – Advised the parents of a student who suffered complications from previously diagnosed sickle cell anemia and facilitated medical record exchange with a local medical facility.

RWANDA – Provided treatment recommendations to a member whose son suffered a dog bite injury to his torso; tracked down the dog’s vaccination history to ensure it was free of any communicable diseases.

INDIA – Provided advisory services to a member who suffered gastrointestinal discomfort and helped manage his antimalarial medication until he could be seen at a local facility.

BAHAMAS – Coordinated treatment with an on-site physician for three students infected with a resistant species of head lice.

KENYA – Provided charter flight information for a member who showed signs of a bacterial infection, and maintained contact with her until she was able to fly home.

GERMANY – Arranged a medical consult for a student with a preexisting syndrome who suffered full body seizures and headaches.

BHUTAN – Provided advice and assessment to a member suffering from persistent nausea and vomiting during her trip to Bhutan.

PORTUGAL – Provided advisory services and coordinated a treatment and recovery plan for a member who dislocated his hip.

TANZANIA – Provided advisory services to a member who suffered swelling and loss of sensation in her hands while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

PERU – Provided advisory services to an employee of a corporate client whose child was seriously ill and helped the member locate a medical facility.

TANZANIA – Advised a member whose medication was tampered with and potentially contaminated by a group of baboons.

FRANCE – Provided consultative services and treatment to a 14-year-old member who fell and injured her arm while skiing.

ECUADOR – Provided a comprehensive medical consult for a member who began suffering from aphasia.

BAHAMAS – Consulted with a member who was diagnosed with viral conjunctivitis and made recommendations to expedite his recovery.

ITALY – Provided medical advisory services to a member who suffered a severe reaction to mosquito bites.

THAILAND – Advised a member who suffered gastrointestinal issues and fever after receiving a mosquito bite.

CAMBODIA – Deployed a paramedic to accompany a member during his repatriation to the U.S. after he began suffering debilitating back pain and was unable to walk.

                               - SECURITY & TRAVEL -

UNITED KINGDOM – Worked with members and clients to locate staff and confirm their safety following the terrorist attacks at the London Bridge, Borough Market, and Vauxhall.

PHILIPPINES – Assisted in locating employees of a corporate client after explosions and gunfire occurred in the Pasay City Area.

GUATEMALA – Assisted an employee of a corporate client who misplaced her Green Card and was refused boarding on a flight back to the United States. Operations personnel obtained a digital copy of her Green Card and flight information and helped her return home.

GUATEMALA – Employees of one of Global Rescue’s corporate partners requested a security consult after feeling minor aftershocks from a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. Security operations personnel investigated the situation and determined there were no reported threats or tsunami concerns in the area.

PERU – Provided advisory services to an academic client that had a group of students impacted by protests and blocked highways near the airport. Security operations personnel established a communication plan to help the group make it safely to the airport on time.

                               - INTELLIGENCE SERVICES -

 MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – Upon request from members and clients, Global Rescue provided assessments of the security and medical risks involved in travel to many destinations, including Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Haiti, Pakistan, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kuwait, Botswana, Niger, South Africa, Zambia and several other African locations. These assessments included recommendations for suitable hotels, the effect a U.S. travel ban might have on travel, and local hospital and embassy information.



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